With Our Skilled Roofers

With Our Skilled Roofers

your roof will be like new! | Roofing Restoration in Palm Desert, CA & Surrounding Areas

Is your roof on its last legs? You don’t need to waste money on a full replacement—get it restored instead! Suntech Consulting & Roofing. Inc.'s will completely restore your existing roof, bringing it back to life with quality materials and the latest industry techniques. Having our expert roofers restore your roof means:

• Reduced energy costs
• Extension the life of your existing roof
• Maximizing your home’s protection
• Adding value to your home

Not to mention that roof restoration can be classified as a maintenance item. Expense it within the same accounting period as installation, and get a fully tax deductible operating expense. What are you waiting for? Schedule a free estimate with Suntech Consulting & Roofing, Inc. to get started today!

Fully equipped and trained to restore your roofing system!

When a roof starts to fail, you don't have to pick up shop or pay for a full replacement. With Suntech Consulting & Roofing, Inc.'s complete roof restoration services, you'll be getting the most out of your existing roof for decades to come! Protecting your business from the elements has never been easier — call us today!

It makes sense to restore the roof:

•Extend the life of your roof
•Reduce operating costs
•Reduce heating and cooling costs
•Maximize roof protection
•Restoration is tax deductible
•Add value to your facility

In addition to the reduction of HVAC and operating costs, and the extension of your roof's life span, restoration can also reduce tax liability!

As clarified by the IRS, roof restoration can be classified as a maintenance item and expensed within the same accounting period of installation. It's a fully tax deductible operating expense!