Roof Inspections in Palm Desert, CA & Surrounding Areas

are key for proper maintenance!

Get the most out of your roof with Suntech Consulting & Roofing!

When your facility's roofing system starts to show its age or has been damaged by a passing storm, call in our roofing experts. Committed to saving you time, money and aggravation, our roof repair and maintenance services are designed to maximize your roof's value and minimize disruption to your business!

Roof repair services:

•Roof repairs
•Leak detection and repair
•Storm damage repair
•Bring your roof up to code
•Prevent structural damage
•Avoid mold and other issues
•Skylight Replacement

Avoid poor roof performance and the problems that go with it - call our reliable roof repair and maintenance team today!

•Tax-deductible roof maintenance
•Reduce maintenance and cool costs
•Extend the life of your roofing with regular maintenance