Increase Your Palm Desert, CA, Home's Energy Efficiency

Increase Your Palm Desert, CA, Home's Energy Efficiency

Reduce lost energy with the right roofing installation by SunTech

Are your heating and cooling costs through the roof? Then ask Suntech Consulting & Roofing, Inc. about polyurethane roofs. The greener roofing solution, polyurethane roofs greatly reduce the thermal transfer between your space and the outdoors, and allow for better climate control and reduced electric bills over time. Spray foam roofs are a cost-effective and sustainable roofing solution that can be easily maintained, repaired and renewed to provide a long service life. Consider polyurethane spray foam for your roofing needs, and reap other benefits such as:

• Waterproof roofing
• Easy application
• Eco-friendly roofing
• Enhanced R-value per square inch
• Durable and long lasting

What Makes a Good Roof Last?

  • Proper Installation and Regular Maintenance.
  • One of the most common reasons for roofing failure is improper installation.
  • Just like an automobile, roofs require routine maintenance and occasional repairs to provide a long service life.
  • Spray foam roof maintenance is minimal, and repairs can be made easily in order to ensure a healthy, durable, and renewable roofing system.

Suntech Consulting & Roofing, Inc. offers extended warranties for polyurethane roofing, and will maintain your roof by applying additional coats of spray on polyurethane at the end of the warranty year for extra protection. Schedule a free estimate with Suntech Consulting & Roofing, Inc. to see if polyurethane is right for you!